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Moebius strip - Lava Stone

Moebius strip - Lava Stone

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The Moebius Strip vase for a single flower is a stand alone statement piece. The unglazed grès texture and color exalts the beauty of the flower and its sculptural curvy lines elevates any space.

Color: Lava Stone

Dimensions: 14x20x6,5 (it may slightly vary)

Care: Clean with a soft dry brush or a clean, slightly damp sponge.

Moebius Strip

In 1961, Escher created a xylography depicting nine ants walking on an endless ribbon. At first glance, the ants appear to walk on two distinct sides, but in reality each ant walks along both sides of the ribbon at the same time.

The track designed by Escher is a famous mathematical object, known as the Moebius Strip.

Like an ant walking on a Moebius strip, consciousness and experience also rest on the reverse side. The unconscious, always waiting to be crossed by experience, is like an ant that walks endlessly, always chasing its own shadow.

The Moebius strip is a metaphor for change, the unusual, iteration and renewal. What is inside is outside, what is below is also above.

Lava Stone

The Lava stone is formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic magma once it emerges on the Earth's surface. This dark volcanic rock is commonly known as Basalt.

On a psychic level, the lava stone is considered a magnetic stone that draws its power from the telluric energy coming from mother earth. The natural magnetism of lava stone positively influences and protects, giving strength and courage to face the difficulties of daily life.

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