Minimal design for daily rituals enriching experiences

At Olarìa Studio we believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, so our work celebrates the timeless beauty of traditional handcrafted ceramics, while also keeping an eye on the future.

Independent business with a soul

Olarìa Studio promotes a conscious shopping that means quality in the products you buy and quality in the lives of the people who make them.

Here you will find one of a kind pieces, purposefully made and proposed in small batches
curated collections.

Our sustainability commitment

We program our kilns to fire each piece at its lower ideal temperature, ensuring minimum porosity and maximum resistance for daily use. In this way, we manage to emit less carbon dioxide.

We recycle clay and glazes to eliminate waste.

Our package is plastic free and completely recyclable.

  • Specially designed for you

    Let's design together something exactly as you dreamed of.

    In alignment with our style, we can personalize measures, colors, quantity and add your logo.

  • Our colors

    You can choose from a set of colors developed from personal research.

  • Our stoneware selection

    You can choose from our high quality stoneware selection.

Follow the process step-by-step

Once we find out your dream design, you will be able to follow the crafting of your piece at each stage. You'll see how unique and special your piece will be from its concept, to modelling, firing and delivery. A process made with love and intention.